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Students in the Chiwong monastery

In the Chiwong monastery Cunina supports the training of 20 students and also builds a new hostel for them.

Why has Cunina started this project?

The Buddhist philosophy of life is part of daily life in Nepal. Every year children from poor families are entrusted to a monastery. They stay there for a full year and receive a general education in which the philosophy of life of Buddhism occupies an important place.

The Chiwong monastery is located at 3,000 meters, completely closed from the outside world, on a cliff against the flanks of Mount Everest. Cunina supports the training of 20 students . Thanks to Cunina they can go to school , they get food and housing . When they have completed their secondary studies in the monastery, they can choose to go in a completely different direction or continue their studies in the monastery. Those who stay there can become Lama and thus make a positive contribution to society.

What has Cunina done in the past?

Because the student’s living conditions were poor, Cunina started working for a new hostel in the autumn of 2014. Due to the earthquakes of 2015, the original hostel, which was being renovated at the time, was badly hit. It has completely collapsed and had to be completely rebuilt. Meanwhile, all students and monks stayed in a makeshift tent camp in very primitive conditions, at temperatures that dropped deep below freezing during the night.

The new building is now earthquake-resistant and has only one ground floor to limit the risk of damage in a new earthquake. In each room there are two beds, two bedside tables and a wardrobe. The walls, the ceiling and the floor were covered with wood to keep the heat inside .

What will Cunina do in the future?

We will continue the construction of the skill center, so we can have the official opening in the summer of 2017. We will also furnish the building and buy the appropriate teaching materials for the IT students. Our entire administration department in Nepal will move permanently to our own office building.
We work together with the local community and use local materials to support the local economy and create jobs.

Fact sheet of the Chiwong monastery

Start of the project: 2008
Money already spent: €83,674
Number of students: 20

Result at the end of 2016:

  • Continuous support of the students (since 2008)
  • Reconstruction and furnishing of the hostel (inauguration November 2016)
Plans for the future:
  • Furnishing of the library
  • Construction of the kitchen
  • Construction of the toilets
  • Building of the fences

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