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What does Cunina do?

Cunina aims to provide sustainable quality education opportunities to children living in the underprivileged areas of Sankhuwasabha district which are Khandbari, Sekha, Num, Hattiya, Barabise, Tumlingtar, Pathibhara, Chainpur and Cepuwa and is also present in Phaplu and Kathmandu outside of Sankhuwasabha. In order to fight the rural exodus and provide children in isolated regions with the opportunity to go to school, Cunina has acted in the following ways:
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  • Help to improve the quality of life of the rural population by providing education to underprivilege youths
  • Primary focus on individual child sponsorships by partnering up with various schools and aiding in the tuition of each child
  • Cunina has built 2 boarding schools for Cunina sponsered children & also helped improve the infrastructure of other kindergartens and secondary schools across the district.
  • Students can continue their education post-secondary school at Cunina’s skill centers and work on bottleneck jobs.
  • To help increase exposure of kids in the IT sectors we have begun to Provide IT-trainings to students in Kathmandu and
  • To help increase exposure of kids in the eco-tourism sector Cunina introduced an ecological, agricultural and hospitality training program at our Green village establishment
  • Offered Medical Assistant trainings
  • Emergency aid after the earthquake in 2015

Cunina Projects in Nepal

Music & Arts School in Sekha

Tomorrowland, the famous Belgian festival, started a fundraiser for Cunina through the Love Tomorrow Foundation. We use the collected money to build the Love Tomorrow Music & Arts School in Sekha, a Nepalese village.

Skill center in Khandbari

Our Khandbari hostel built in 2003 has now been converted into and an educational and skill center where we have housed Community Medical Assistant (CMA) among other trainings.

Cunina Boarding School in Sekha

The Cunina Boarding School in Sekha started in 2008 and now provides services to over 500 students annually.

Arun Valley Boarding School in Num

Since 2013, Arun Valley Boarding School in Num has provided quality education services in a proper facility in an otherwise hard to reach remote area.