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Arun Valley Boarding School in Num

Since 2013, Arun Valley Boarding School in Num has provided quality education services in a proper facility in an otherwise hard to reach remote area.

Why has Cunina started this project?

The children that live in and around Num had almost no access to education. You had to walk an entire day to reach the nearest quality school. In 2013, Arun Valley Boarding School’s construction began.

The operating costs of the school, including the fees of the teachers, are paid by Cunina and all the children of school age are supported by a Cunina sponsor. Due to the high quality of education and the provision of proper infrastucture, more and more students from the region have joined the school. In fact, a lot of families moved to Num to live closer to the school.

What has Cunina done in the past?

The village of Num was very difficult to reach when our Founder arrived there for the first time in 2012. Travelling from Khandbari to Num almost took you a day. The infrastructure was extremely poor and the students did not have any uniforms.

These shabby classrooms have now been replaced with a school made out of stone. It consists of thirteen classrooms with new school furniture. All the children wear a school uniform now too. At the end of 2016, a road was built between Sekha and Num so you are now also able to get there by jeep.

What will Cunina do in the future?

Cunina is going to build three more classrooms.

We work together with the local community and use local materials to support the local economy and create jobs.

Fact sheet of Num

Start of the project: 2013
Number of students: 165

Results Till Date:

  • Acquisition of land
  • Construction of 10 classrooms for the primary school
  • Construction of 3 kindergartens
  • Construction of a sanitary block
  • Building of fences
Future planning:
  • Construction of 3 extra classrooms

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